Common IT Technician Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

If you have strong technical, interpersonal, and customer service skills, you might have already considered a career as an IT technician. Whether it’s database performance metrics or a simple software troubleshooting process, IT technicians are equipped for the job. IT technician careers require a certain level of skill and experience in order to perform the related tasks. 

However, you need more than just knowledge and skills to become an IT technician. If you want to succeed, you have to prepare for your job interview and present yourself with confidence. This article will provide some of the most common IT technician interview questions and how to answer them.

What Is an IT Technician?

An IT technician is a computer hardware and software support professional who deals with technical, computer security, system configuration, and network security issues. A major component of an IT technician’s job entails fixing network architecture and operating systems issues. 

These technicians work with different software and hardware equipment, including storage, router, printer, server, and database systems. This career requires system monitoring for security threats, software installation, assistance in software production deployment processes, and tech training, as well as system backup, upgrade, and installation. 

Answers to the Most Common IT Technician Interview Questions

During your IT technician interview, you will need to be able to provide answers to their questions that showcase your IT skills, in-depth knowledge of technology trends, and soft skills related to the role. Most of the questions you can expect will be divided into technical, behavioral, and general categories.

Top 5 Technical IT Technician Interview Questions and Answers

As an IT technician, interviewers use technical questions to gauge your level of expertise, which is important in determining whether you meet the qualifications for the position. Although IT technicians are entry-level employees, you’ll still need to be prepared to demonstrate that you have the knowledge and skills required for the job. 

What Is Your Basic Troubleshooting Process for IT Issues? 

The troubleshooting process usually involves identifying the problem, finding the source of the problem, developing an action plan, implementing the solution, and running basic tests to ensure the problem is fixed. You can mention that this creates an opportunity to implement preventative measures and look for other issues that could have formed in the process. 

What Portable Software Tools Should Field Service Technicians Have?

Some popular software portable tools for field technicians are cable testers, network analyzers, and device drivers such as USBs. There are also portable applications a technician should have on their laptop, such as WiFi apps and WiFi access analyzers.

What Is the Purpose of Data Backup, and What Are Some Backup Software? 

Backup procedures vary depending on the company’s data backup policies, backup applications, and data recovery measures. Backup policies include storing data at an external location that follows a regular backup timeline. It also includes regular monitoring of data access authorization logs for security purposes. 

Data recovery measures that you can talk about include data restoration of corrupt and deleted files from external hard drives. Some popular backup tools include Oracle, cloud storage, and Microsoft SQL. You could also mention some of the reasons that data loss occurs and how to prevent those losses. 

What Is Your Understanding of Agile Methodologies? 

Agile methodology is a project management system that includes managing short-term goals and constantly revising the project methodology for an efficient deadline system. Some Agile methods include empirical evidence-based modification and pull system-based task scheduling. The two most popular Agile frameworks are Scrum and Kanban. 

Currently, several industries use Agile methodologies for their project management processes. As a member of the IT department, you might have to deliver your projects in an Agile environment. This is why it’s important to learn Agile project management and explain it in your interview.

There are many popular malware removal tools including Malwarebytes, Combofix, Autoruns, and UBCD4Win. All of these programs allow us to scan for viruses, monitor systems, and offer solutions and protection against malware attacks. Since IT technicians often have to deal with malware, you should talk about how you can prevent it in the first place.

Top 5 Behavioral IT Technician Interview Questions and Answers

The behavioral questions test your compatibility with the company culture, problem-solving efforts, and interpersonal skills. Behavioral questions are often based on previous experience with challenging workplace situations and goal-oriented tasks. 

How Do You Handle an Angry Customer? 

Part of your job as an IT technician is to assist users with tech issues, and it isn’t uncommon to deal with angry customers. Your answer to this question will depend on your work experience and personal tendencies. 

A great sample answer to this question is to describe your process. You could say that you deal with angry customers by practicing patience, paraphrasing their issues for confirmation, and providing them with appropriate solutions. 

What Would You Do If You Missed a Deadline? 

This question tests your integrity and work ethic, so be sure to provide an answer that showcases your honesty and acknowledgment of mistakes. You should demonstrate initiative by providing a solution to correct your mistake and contact your supervisor for transparency and guidance. You might also implement preventative measures to avoid repeating the mistake. 

How Well Do You Collaborate with Other Departments? 

As an IT technician, you’ll often find yourself collaborating with other tech experts, including software developers, customer support technicians, data scientists, and business managers. Having excellent collaboration skills is key to a smooth project delivery and work environment. 

You can demonstrate your collaboration skills by assuring the interviewer that you work well with other departments by having an open communication channel, meeting deadlines, and considering their feedback for future collaborations. This is a great opportunity to mention some of your interpersonal skills. 

How Do You Make Sure You Meet Your Goals? 

This question helps to evaluate your time management and project management skills. While your answer to this question will depend on your professional habits and processes, you might want to use this opportunity to provide insight into your work procedures and priorities to assure the interviewer that you are goal-oriented. 

How Will You Explain a Troubleshooting Process to a Non-Tech Customer? 

The answer to this question should display your customer support skills, professional attitude, and understanding of your job duties. IT technicians regularly work with non-tech users and assist them in a wide range of tech issues, which requires careful communication. Answers to this question will vary between IT technicians but should showcase your communication skills.

Top 5 General IT Technician Interview Questions and Answers

Employers use general questions to learn more about who you are and assess how you would fit into the company environment. While general questions tend to be less technical and professional, it’s still important to keep your answers centered around the position you’re interviewing for. 

Why Are You Interested in Becoming an IT Technician? 

This is a question that requires a personal answer, which will widely vary. In addition to your reasons for becoming an IT technician, your answer should reflect a thorough understanding of the job-related duties, as well as the fact that you’re qualified and prepared for them. 

Why Are You a Good Fit for Our Company? 

This question will likely require you to do some research on the company beforehand. Through learning about the company, your answer can showcase your knowledge of their company culture and values, which creates a great opportunity to explain how you fit into that well. 

A sample answer for an ecommerce company might include how you can provide excellent tech customer support and have a great understanding of the ecommerce industry. This is also a good opportunity to talk about your previous experience.

Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years?

This question can only be answered personally, which results in a variety of answers. Most employers ask this question to determine how invested you would be in their company. If you could see yourself working for the hiring company throughout the next five years, that’s important and beneficial to mention. 

This question assesses your ability to handle high-pressure situations and continue to deliver high-quality work. While the answer to this question will vary depending on personal preferences and tendencies, your answer should highlight your qualities and skills that enable you to produce excellent results throughout high-stress seasons. 

What Are Some of Your Strengths and Weaknesses?

Your answer should focus on the strengths and weaknesses that relate to your responsibilities as an IT technician. It’s helpful to use specific examples of when you’ve used those abilities. For example, you can talk about how your communication skills helped you solve a problem. For weaknesses, you should talk about your plans to improve.

Tips to Prepare for an IT Technician Interview

1. Prepare an Elevator Speech 

An elevator speech is a 30-second to one-minute speech that is meant to give the interviewer an idea of who you are, what your qualifications are, and why you would be an excellent addition to their company. You can prepare an elevator speech that includes some of your technical and soft skills. 

2. Practice Answering Questions

Knowing what questions you can expect and practicing your answers is an excellent way to prepare for your interview. Although employers are interested in your educational and work-related background, the purpose of interviews is to better assess whether you’re an ideal candidate for their company. 

3. Customize Your Resume 

Most people have a plethora of experiences, skills, and interests related to a variety of fields. You must customize your resume to focus on information that is relevant to the position you’re applying for. This allows employers to easily review your resume and offers the impression that IT work is your main specialization. 

What Skills Should I Put on My IT Technician Resume?

Your resume should include both technical and soft skills. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), some important qualities for computer support specialists to have are non-tech skills, such as customer service, listening, and problem-solving skills. 

System Troubleshooting Skills 

Having the skills to troubleshoot issues and implement solutions on hardware and software systems is essential as an IT technician. You should also know how to monitor and regularly update systems to avoid security errors or breakdowns. Even standard interview questions will ask about your technical knowledge, so you should have these skills.

Analytical Skills 

IT technician duties rely on analytical skills, as they primarily involve diagnosing issues and implementing appropriate solutions. Employers will be scanning resumes to look for excellent research, problem-solving, and data analysis skills. You should also have excellent problem-solving skills.

Security Skills 

System security and testing are also part of your job, so you must have excellent security analysis and system inspection skills. You also need to maintain confidentiality when dealing with network security and client records, all of which can be included under security skills. You can attend one of the best cyber security bootcamps to build these skills.

How to Find IT Technician Jobs

There are a variety of online resources that can assist in your job hunt. Some of the most popular ways to find IT technician jobs include job boards, company websites, and job forums. Read below to learn more about the best places to find IT technician jobs.


Dice is a tech-specific job board that helps you apply for your dream tech job. Just like most job boards, you can personalize your Dice account and resume to enhance your candidacy. You can also visit Dice’s tech blogs to keep yourself informed about the IT world. This online resource is a great way to find job opportunities.


Indeed is a massive online job board that lists a wide range of job postings. Indeed offers a variety of tech-related job listings and allows you to narrow your search using location, salary, education, and experience requirements. Indeed also has resources that can teach you about the interview process and common questions.


LinkedIn is a social media platform that acts as an extensive resource for job listings. On the website, you can connect with employers, apply for jobs, and advertise yourself for employment using your personalized profile. You can connect directly with the hiring manager and even ask what types of questions to expect in your interview.

IT Technician Interview Questions FAQ

How Much Do IT Technicians Earn Per Year?

According to ZipRecruiter, the average annual salary for IT technicians is $44,933. With the right technical skills, you can earn even more.

What Degree Do I Need to Become an IT Technician? 

You can get a computer science or information technology degree, or you can pursue an IT bootcamp or certification. As IT technicians are entry-level employees, they aren’t always required to have a formal education.

Is It Worth It to Become an IT Technician?

Yes, becoming an IT technician is worth it. This job offers plenty of career growth opportunities and allows you to work in various industries. 

What Are Some Essential IT Technician Skills?

Essential IT technician skills include troubleshooting, customer service, system security, and other basic IT skills.

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